Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday I had to tell a little old lady that her 80lb dog, Frosty, had been hit by a car. She was devastated and couldn't even get down the stairs to say her last farewells. So I hoisted up the dog and put him in her back yard with the help of James. Then people said "Wow, you are such a good person!" and I just want to bury myself right there with Frosty. How on earth would you consider me a "good person" for that? What I did should have been expected from ANYONE. It's called an OBLIGATION! Not an option. Now I cant stop battling myself with the issues of how the world fucking sucks. So, I stayed up late and then failed the final I took today. Like I said. The world sucks sometimes. But thanks to this blog, at least I can write it out and send it to the universe (where absolutely NOBODY will read it because why the FUCK would anyone want to read about carrying a dead dog to some one's back yard)